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We aim to provide the healthiest salmon and trout eggs in the world

With wild salmon on the decline and farming on the rise, it becomes harder every day to trust the quality of fish we consume. It's more critical than ever to develop trustworthy fish production methods and standards for quality that will endure for decades.

At Riverence, we relentlessly pursue quality and manage every detail of production with care to ensure that our eggs produce the highest quality fish on the market.

Committed to sustainability — for our future and the future of wild salmonids

Riverence was born from a commitment to wild salmon and the desire to conserve the planet's resources. We produce eggs from strains that have been in the process of domestication for over 30 years, in environments where wild salmon habitats are unimpacted. We carefully produce our eggs in land-based facilities, starting with pure water from mountain aquifers beneath the western slopes of the Cascade Mountain Range in Washington State.

We've taken every measure to ensure that our process minimizes environmental impacts without sacrificing quality — from the development of sustainable, high quality feed to pursuing internationally recognized aquaculture certifications.

Every egg at Riverence has a traceable history of over 30 years.

Premium eggs
produced with care.

What makes Riverence eggs special?

Honest care. We make sure that our process produces trustworthy, reliable and consistent products. We care about what really matters. Our brood fish are only exposed to things that are beneficial to them and to you — making sure that health and sustainability come first.

Because of our meticulous and proven animal husbandry and selective breeding practices, Riverence produces eggs that provide high survival and growth rates in farming environments. We've spent over 35 years collectively developing our skills and improving iteratively so that you can experience a truly special product.

We believe that our product is only as good as our people. We're run by a tight-knit group of family and friends dedicated to quality and driven by passion. All of that combines to result in the highest quality eggs, and we're only getting better.

Current Species

Steelhead trout
Coho salmon
Atlantic salmon

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