For food. For fish.
For the future.

Sustainability isn’t just one thing…but for us,
it’s everything. It’s why we’re here.

Riverence Sustainability


By raising fish on land, we can manage our farms to better capture waste and create value while reducing reliance on marine resources. Reusing water helps to reduce our footprint, and manure from our farms is used to replenish nutrients in nearby terrestrial cropland. Being land-based also means our fish have a shorter, less consumptive journey to our customers.

Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC)

As part of our commitment to the environment, our employees, our community, and our customers, Riverence Provisions LLC and Riverence Farms LLC trout has been ASC certified as responsibly farmed under the Aquaculture Stewardship Council’s Freshwater Trout Standard. ASC sets the world’s highest standards for aquaculture through its independent, third party certification and labeling program. To become certified, farms must meet strict requirements for fish health and feed, water quality, preservation of local biodiversity and natural habitats, social responsibility, and more. ASC’s sea green label ensures your seafood was raised with care. We are proud to be the first freshwater land-based finfish aquaculture facility to obtain ASC certification in the United States.

On-farm hydropower provides roughtly 1/3 of our company-wide energy demand

Creating Value in
Everything We Produce

Riverence is a proud producer of America’s fish. What doesn’t become the finest rainbow trout and steelhead in the marketplace is used to make nutrient-rich pet foods, organic fertilizers, and compost.

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