Riverence FROM THE USA

Rainbow Trout Roe

Exquisite pearls of America’s finest rainbow trout roe are the perfect accoutrements for avocado toast, omelets, or as a chef’s garnish on a perfectly executed dish. Exclusively from our finest fish, our roe has a clean and crip bite with a delicate briny finish.

2oz jars 8 per case
hanging clamshell retail packs 10 per case

Why Choose Riverence?

We are here to raise the standards of aquaculture, redefine what it means to be responsible, and become the leading provider of truly great seafood.

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Sustainability Farm


Our farms are located in the Magic Valley, a place named for its natural water resources and the transformative effect they’ve had on Southern Idaho. Water is the source of all life on our farms—and something we respect deeply. So we care for it, we steward it, and responsibly return it to the river to support the natural flows.

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Contact Us – For more information about our nationwide seafood logistics from North Americas largest rainbow trout & steelhead producer.


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