100% Genuine

Steelhead Trout

A superior strain of hand-raised Steelhead trout, 84 years in the making

The history of the Riverence Steelhead strain can be directly traced back to 1932 to Dr. Lauren Donaldson, an esteemed professor at University of Washington. Dr Donaldson (or "Doc" as he was affectionately called by his many students) started and successfully created a strain of rainbow that combined the best attributes of Steelhead and Rainbow trout. Using selective breeding techniques prevalent in poultry and livestock, Dr. Donaldson spent 50+ years breeding and cross breeding his lines to produce a world renowned top performing strain that bears his name to this day.

Our Riverence Steelhead started from Dr. Donaldson’s efforts and continue to be improved and defined by our breeding program, producing a fish that performs like no other. With closely monitored rearing conditions, our eggs experience unrivaled growth performance and exceptional meat quality, with 100% traceable heritage that is the pinnacle of performance and accountability.

Features & Benefits

International appeal

Steelhead trout have a wide consumer base because it is familiar around the globe and highly adaptable to many regional recipes.

Rich with nutrients

Steelhead trout are high in omega-3, contain high protein content, and are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals.

Available fresh, all year long

The benefit of our controlled environment allows us to re-create and deliver the optimal environmental and nutritional conditions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This means perpetual availability to the public.

Beautiful and easy

Steelhead trout is extremely easy to prepare, and provides large/thick individual portions. It works well as a single portion entrée or as a multi-serving centerpiece.

Premium grade meat

Our Steelhead is sushi/sashimi grade quality, with firm texture and a mild taste.

Always consistent

Riverence Steelhead trout are raised with extreme care given to measured input, which creates the highest quality, predictable output. The result is a premium, great tasting, consistent product in every way.

The majestic Riverence Steelhead

We raise our Steelhead trout to set and exceed premium quality standards. Steelhead trout is endorsed by the Monterey Bay Aquarium as a "Best Choice" for seafood consumers. It is available year round and fresh to the discerning market that wants the safest, cleanest and most sustainably raised Steelhead.

Hatched in the rivers of the Pacific Northwest, a Steelhead trout and a Rainbow trout are the same species, but a Steelhead is anadromous and has evolved to live both at sea and in the tributary fresh waters where they spawn. All trout and salmon are from the Salmonid family, and the Steelhead trout shares the anadromous condition with its other Pacific cousins the coho, pink, sockeye, chum and chinook salmon.

The Steelhead also shares a unique link to its cousin, the Atlantic salmon; both the Steelhead and the Atlantic salmon are iteroparous; they do not die after their first spawn but are able to return to the ocean and spawn again the next year.

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