A closer look at
our farms
and how we approach responsible farming

We are a family of land-based farms...one that takes precautions to protect wild salmon and trout, and our environment. By producing eggs and fish on land in pure spring water, we’re able to deliver high quality, sustainable products with minimal environmental impact. On our fish production side, being land-based means no escapes, no microplastics, no PCBs, year-round consistency, and an ability to monitor our aquatic environments with ultimate control. Our job: to take good care of the resources we have, to do more with less, and to provide a safe, premium food source that will serve humanity for generations to come.


We’re proud to be a land-based farm in the USA. We raise our eggs in Washington State in our state-of-the-art RAS facilities, maximizing our natural water resources and capacity through technology and an incredible, tenured team. Once our eggs are ready, we safely transport them to our grow-out farms, located along the Snake River in Idaho’s Magic Valley. These raceway-based farms and processing center, also known as Riverence Farms, are situated on top of an abundant supply of the purest spring water in the world, from the Rocky Mountains

This unique location enables us to deliver fish fast and fresh — in many cases, arriving the day after harvest. For our customers, this means cleaner tasting fish with longer shelf life. We are committed to creating local jobs and supporting our community...and because we’re right around the corner, our customer service is ready to help when you need it most.


Water quality directly influences the health of a fish in nearly every capacity. And because our own health is linked to the health of the food we consume, the environment in which a fish was raised should be incredibly important to the consumer — our health depends on it. Our beloved oceans and the wild fish swimming in them are under siege from all angles. Our fresh water, however, is not subject to the same risks.

It’s why we consider our pure Rocky Mountain spring water our number one ingredient. Our spring water bubbles up through layers of volcanic rock all year long, at a consistent 58°F — the perfect temperature for raising world-class trout.

Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC)

As part of our commitment to the environment, our employees, our community, and our customers, Riverence Provisions LLC and Riverence Farms LLC have been certified against the Aquaculture Stewardship Council's Freshwater Trout Standard. ASC is the most stringent aquaculture certification standard available that ensures farms meet strict requirements for fish health & feed, local biodiversity, preservation of natural habitats, water quality, and social responsibility. We are proud to be the first freshwater land-based finfish aquaculutre facility in the United States to obtain the certification.


We meet or exceed the highest standards for quality in our industry. We choose to collaborate with action-oriented organizations, in our pursuit for true environmental betterment, human health & longevity, animal welfare, and culinary excellence.

Our producer partnership with FishWise, a non-profit sustainable seafood consultancy, reflects our commitment to best practices in responsible aquaculture.

We are also an Industry Collaborator with Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch program, and are rated as a “Best Choice” green producer. Additionally, our fish are recommended by Ocean Wise as a sustainable, ocean-friendly seafood choice.

The James Beard Foundation is a beacon of excellence for chefs, and we're proud to be a Sustainable Seafood Partner with them. We participate in annual sustainability discussions and other change-focused efforts, to create progress for our industry and chefs around the world.

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