Premium quality
and dedicated support from hatch to harvest.
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Riverence Eggs

We work hard to provide the highest quality eggs on the market with excellent growth & vigor, superior survival rates, backed by data from a variety of rearing environments.


We provide collaborative support to our customers from hatch to harvest, ensuring that our customers achieve and exceed their goals.


We pursue constant improvement through scientific research and analysis, experienced staff members, strategic partnerships, state-of-the-art facilities and open source information sharing.

How our
state of the art
R.A.S. facilities in Washington benefit you
Riverence’s modern facilities are designed for the long haul, built to maximize the quality of life for our broodstock, increasing efficiency and minimizing our impact on the environment. Our farms have been outfitted with cutting edge technologies that help us ensure that our customers get the most consistent, highest quality eggs possible.
the riverence difference
  • Year-round, 10° C, pathogen-free water that is pure enough for humans to drink.
  • Completely new power, water, and oxygen systems, with integrated back-up redundancy to prevent interruption of egg supply.
  • Separate early rearing tanks for individual families for 3 breeding programs (Atlantic, steelhead, coho).
  • 20 separate recirculating (R.A.S.) systems operating at 50-85% recirculated water, which allows for optimized oxygen and water quality control based on biomass.
  • 2 recirculating systems operating at 95-99% recirculated water, which allows for control of oxygen, pH, water hardness and alkalinity.
  • Gel-coated fiberglass tanks for a clean, disinfectable surface.
  • Incubation building set up to keep each lot of eggs separated and tracked. Chilling capacity to control CTU’s for shipping windows.
  • Drum filters remove suspended solids, maintaining clean water in our rearing tanks. These allow us to capture solids in a centralized place, providing very clean discharge leaving our site.
  • Strict biosecurity protocols throughout the site.
quality control
is our priority
The process of delivering high quality eggs goes well beyond water quality, genetics, brood management, and data collection. We continue our quality control all the way through sorting, shipping, and beyond, to make sure the eggs you receive are what you expected, and meet our standards.
We employ cutting edge systems that:
  • Count and take two pictures of each and every egg, rapidly assessing quality
  • Sort bad and weak eggs with high accuracy
  • Measure every egg, allowing size grading
  • Collect and store data from each lot
  • Result in an incredibly clean and consistent delivered product
We put the same standard of care into our egg transportation as well.
  • Each box can contain up to 50,000 coho, 50,000 Atlantic or 100,000 steelhead eggs
  • Constant temperature for multiple days
  • Insulation R-Value of 7.5
  • Tray system inside of high quality Igloo cooler, wrapped with bubble wrap and cardboard outer shell
Our eggs are tested in
diverse environments
for performance confidence
context matters
Just because an egg performance report looks impressive doesn’t mean the results will be replicated in your environment.
While our Washington facilities are R.A.S.-based, we also test our fish in our own raceways in Idaho, where we grow Riverence fish to market size in high volumes, year-round. Our Idaho farms share performance data with us, so that we may better recommend the right eggs for your environment.
We also maintain open-share partnerships and affiliations with universities, government agencies, NGO’s, and farms both domestically and abroad who help us study how our eggs perform in diverse situations.
We share what we learn, and are here to help you succeed...with the right eggs, and the right advice.